Just Ink On Paper.


Although I've had a passion for anything creative since I was in elementary school, it was in college I was drawn to graphic design. My degree is in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. Graphic design is a key element to all things communication from brochures, ads, and logos to websites, email marketing, and social media.

One of the main projects with my first job out of college was to produce an annual 1500+ page catalog which was printed in CMYK, "4-color process". The job was on a web press and cost over $100,000 to produce. The rep I worked with for many years at our catalog printer used to tell me "it's just ink on paper!" when I was getting too stressed. I had to learn to keep it in perspective.

So to this day whether it's a CMYK project for my job, or a ROY G BIV project in my craft room, every now and then I remind myself, it's just ink on paper!

Beyond C•M•Y•K is an outlet for me to share my works in both graphic design and papercrafting in the hopes to inspire someone else's creative spark!

Kim Bader

Kim Bader

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